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About CDC

Universitas Syiah Kuala established the Employment Service Center (abbreviated PJK) in 1992 through USK Rector Decree No. 269/1992 dated December 28, 1992. The purpose of establishing PJK is to assist career development and improve the quality of human resources, especially alumni from Universitas Syiah Kuala.

The first director of PJK was Dr. Rusli Mahady (FKIP), who served from 1992-1996. The next director of PJK is Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmad (FE), who led PJK in 1997-2001. In 2001-2003 PJK was led by Drs. M. Yusuf Hasan, S.H. M. Hum. (FH). Dr. Samsul Rizal was the Director of PJK from 2003-2007. Because he was appointed to Assistant Rector for Academic Affairs USK, Dr. Samsul Rizal was then replaced by Drs. Saminan, M.Pd (FKIP) who served until 2012. After that, PJK was immediately led by Dr. Rusli Yusuf (FKIP) as the Vice Rector for Student Affairs USK.

With the increasing demands on the role of PJK in order to bring potential graduates closer to the working field, the Senate of Commission D USK, in a meeting on March 20, 2013, recommended a reorientation of the function of PJK. This reorientation was immediately followed by a structural and name change. The name PJK USK was changed to the Career Development Center (CDC) or the Universitas Syiah Kuala Career Development Center. This organizational and governance change is determined through USK Rector Decree No. 570/2013. As Chair of the CDC, Dr. T. M. Iqbalsyah (FMIPA). After amending the name, Mr. T. M. Iqbalsyah (FMIPA) was replaced as Chair of the CDC in 2015-2016 by Mr. Farid Mulana, S.T., M.Eng (FT). After that, from 2017 until now, Dr. Ramzi Adriman, ST., M.Sc. (FT), served as chairman of CDC USK.

  1. Vision

To become a center for quality career development and services in Indonesia.

  1. Mission

The mission of the Universitas Syiah Kuala Career Development Center Are:

  • Becoming a mediator and facilitator between USK students/alumni and the working life.
  • Developing the self-abilities, knowledge, and skills of USK students/alumni before entering the working life.
  • conducting a variety of human resource development programs for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Organizing tracer studies in an integrated manner at the university level

CDC Events

  1. CDC Universitas Syiah Kuala held a 2021 webinar with the theme: “Be the best version of yourself (Collaboration of talents, interests, and life mission)”.
  2. CDC Universitas Syiah Kuala held a 2021 webinar with the theme: “How to avoid toxic positivity attitude in the workplace”.
  3. CDC Universitas Syiah Kuala hosted a webinar on “Personal Branding” in 2021.
  4. CDC Universitas Syiah Kuala hosted another webinar session in 2021, this time on the topic of “Carrier Plans for fresh Graduates.”
  5. To increase the understanding and insight of the Faculty of Medicine students, the Aceh Province BUMN Communication Forum will hold the BUMN Goes To Campus event.
  6. Webinar Series in collaboration with the Career Development Center of Universitas Syiah Kuala with the theme: Opportunities and Challenges in the Accounting Profession’s Workplace and Business Environment in the Financial Services Sector During the COVID 19 Pandemic
  7. Dare to dream dare to achieve
  8. Techniques for building international relations for school & work
  9. How to improve your ability to negotiate
  10. CDC Universitas Syiah Kuala again held Online Training 2020 with the theme: “Online Job Training Has 70% Impact”.
  11. Career Development Center USK held a Webinar Series with the theme “Online Business and Digital Marketing.”
  12. The role of bank Indonesia as a central bank in the economic and financial digitalization for the development of Indonesia
  13. Career Development Center USK held a Webinar Series with the theme “Public Speaking & Negotiation Skills.”
  14. Online career preparation mentoring batch 2
  15. How to write an in-depth reporting strategy


  • Contact Us By Email : cdc@unsyiah.ac.id
  • Telephone Contact Us By Phone 0651-7551378
  • Contact Us Via Mobile Phone 081262123457

For more information visit this link https://cdc.unsyiah.ac.id/