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  1. The USK Student Dormitory was founded in the early 1980s and was named Asrama Koperasi Mahasiswa (Askopma), because at that time, the Student Dormitory was part of Koperasi Mahasiswa USK (Kopma). According to Sulaiman Abda, the establishment process, which was written in his biography “Sabda Rindu,” was part of developing USK Kopma. The establishment of the USK Student Dormitory was the obsession and hope of the USK Student Cooperative management when it was led by the chairman, Zainal Abidin AW, and the vice-chairman, Sulaiman Abda. The need to create a dormitory originated from the fact that many students from outside the Aceh region difficult to find appropriate houses and boarding rooms in Banda Aceh at the time.

    The wish was conveyed to the Rector of USK at that time, Prof. Abdullah Ali, and Vice-Rector II for Administration and Finance TA. Khalid. Prof. Abdullah Ali approved the idea of the Student Cooperative board. As a form of appreciation for the brilliant idea, Prof. Abdullah Ali pointed to a fairly strategic land in the USK campus as the location for the construction of a dormitory. After receiving a favourable response from the rector, the cooperative’s management began preparing various requirements and completeness, including a feasibility study.

    According to Sulaiman Abda, the dormitory administrators who are still students experience big problems because they need guaranteed funds when stepping on this stage. In contrast, student cooperatives do not have funds. Plans to obtain funding from a variety of sources were unsuccessful. Sulaiman Abda was eventually obliged to use his wife’s inherited land certificate as collateral for a feasibility study on constructing a dormitory.

    After completing a feasibility study and obtaining the primary permit for the dormitory’s construction, the dormitory’s management must consider the development process, which involves a huge budget. As a result, Kopma has submitted an official credit application to the Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN). BTN finally approved the application for the development of a dormitory by disbursing a loan in the amount of Rp. 1.5 billion after intense lobbying. The money is managed by the Indonesian Youth Cooperative (Kopindo) as the project implementer.

    The construction of the dormitory building progressed exceedingly smoothly. A year later, numerous two-story buildings stood majestically on Jalan Inong Balee Darussalam as part of a specific complex for the USK student dormitories. Developing this student dormitory is a point of pride for USK in general and cooperative student management in particular. With the student dormitory. USK’s Kopma is one of the two best Kopma in Indonesia after Unibraw’s Kopma. As an appreciation for this success, Sulaiman Abda, who became chairman of Kopma replacing Zainal Abidin AW along with vice-chairman Al-Qudri received an invitation to receive an award from the Minister of Cooperatives in Solo, Central Java.

    The dormitory capacity is over 500 students. However, only 62 students come from outside Aceh, including North Sumatra, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Riau Jambi, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and Papuans who live in the dormitory. To pay the loan installments for building construction costs from BTN, the dormitory manager charges a monthly fee to students who live in the dormitory of Rp. 15,000 per person. The price includes beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, bolsters, wardrobe, electricity, and food vouchers twice a day, day and night. Although the amount of the tuition fee was not very high at that time, many students did not pay it. It’s only been six months since the deposit started to stall because more than half of the dormitory residents did not pay their dues. Even though the Kopma management has billed it in various ways, it still fails.

    Due to the loss of monthly payments from dormitory residents, the cooperative’s financial assets have dropped, while operational requirements have increased. One of the needs that must be paid every month that experiences congestion is credit installments to BTN amounting to Rp. 1.4 billion. As a result, Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia (BPK RI) sent its auditors to audit the management of the USK Student Cooperative funds as a whole. With the help of Governor Ibrahim Hasan, who directly contacted the Minister of Finance J.B. Sumarlin via telephone in front of the BPK RI auditor by explaining the cause of the stalled Kopma USK credit installments. In addition, Ibrahim Hasan also explained that Askopma USK is a miniature of Indonesia because the majority of those living there are not students from Aceh but various regions in Indonesia.

    With these various considerations, it was finally decided that the loan funds of Rp. The 1.4 billion was a Central Government grant for Aceh through the Ministry of Education. Thus Kopma USK no longer needs to pay credit installments to BTN. Kopma only needs to make a statement that it is unable to pay the credit installments. With this letter, the Askopma USK issue was resolved.

    The dormitory building, which is currently listed as “Blok Kopma”, consists of 5 blocks, with four blocks, each having 52 rooms and one more block having only 33 rooms because the rest are used for dorm administration rooms. With a total of 241 rooms, this Kopma Block is the forerunner of the USK student dormitory.

    In addition to the Kopma Block, to strengthen the Elementary School Teacher Program (PGSD), which was recently integrated into USK, in 1997, a special dormitory unit was built for PGSD students with funding assistance from Dikti. This dormitory unit consists of 5 blocks, with details of block A 1-floor building which is used only for office activities and study hall; block B building 2-floors with 24 rooms; block C of a 2-floors building with 20 rooms; block D building 2-floors with 16 rooms; and block E is a 2-floors building with 20 rooms. So the total number of dormitory units currently being recorded as “Blok Dikti” is 80 rooms. Currently, this Dikti-assisted dormitory unit is recorded as the “PPG Block” because it is specifically intended for the Teacher Profession Program students.

    Furthermore, as part of the reconstruction and rehabilitation process of post-tsunami Aceh, USK received two student dormitories, namely 1 unit built from the humanitarian aid of Kompas-Serambi Indonesia and another unit built with funding from PT. Arun NGL. The Kompas aid unit, which is currently being recorded as “Compass Block,” consists of 2 blocks. Each block is a 3-floors building with 24 bedrooms. The first block was inaugurated on August 31, 2005, and the second block was inaugurated on August 10, 2006. In total, the Kompas block has 144 rooms.

    Similar to the Compass Block, the assistance unit of PT. Arun NGL, which is currently recorded as “Block PT. Arun” also has two blocks, each of which has 33 rooms. The block was inaugurated by the President Director of PT. Arun NGL, Ir. H. Aknasio Sabri, on December 23, 2006, there were 66 rooms in total.

    The USK student dormitory complex is getting more expansive with the construction of 3 new building units assisted by the government through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. The first unit was 3-floors building with funding assistance from the Ministry of Public Housing (Kemenpera) in 2013 (before joining the Ministry of Public Works). Each floor of the building, which is recorded as the “Kemenpera Block”, has 32 rooms, meaning that there are 96 rooms in total.

    Furthermore, in 2014 one more building unit was built with funds from the Ministry of Public Works. This building is a 2-block building with 4-floors with 23 rooms on each floor, plus the ground floor of block B, which is used as a basement and used as a fitness room, but there are still eight bedrooms. Overall, there are 192 rooms listed under the “PU Block”.

    Lastly, the most recent one is a dormitory building unit with funding from the Ministry of PUPR with 50 bedrooms plus one multimedia room and one IT room. This unit is recorded as “USK 2 Flat Block”. Thus, overall from all USK student dormitory units, there are 869 bedrooms.

    Before 2017, each USK student dormitory unit was managed separately by different managers. At that time, there was no special forum to manage the entire student dormitory. The implication is that there are differences in management and policies adopted for each dormitory unit. In fact, a dormitory unit manager has a policy of allowing dorm rooms under his management to be rented by the general public outside of USK students.

    With the implementation of USK’s new Governance Organizational Structure (SOTK) in 2017, all student dormitory units are centralized under the Technical Management Unit (UPT), which is exclusively responsible for managing student dorms called UPT Asrama Mahasiswa Universitas Syiah Kuala. Drs. Amiruddin, M.Kes was appointed as the head of the first UPT and is still serving today. Since now, all USK student dormitory units, except for the Dikti-assisted dormitory units for PGSD have been designated as student dormitories, especially students of the Bidik Misi Program, Affirmation Program, and Special Affirmation Program for Papua (ADik). For students of the Teacher Profession Program (PPG).

    Vision and mission

    Student Dormitory is a Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) tasked with the responsibility of providing students at Universitas Syiah Kuala with comfortable and suitable housing. With the motto “Educated personality,” this unit has a future vision and mission.


    Creating a conducive environment for students to develop their intellect, personality, interests, talents and solidarity as a generation that is devoted to Allah SWT and has good personality.


    1. Developing co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to support academic activities, potential and identity of students.
    2. Raising the spirit of cooperation and competence with the basic concept of advancing together.
    3. Developing students’ religious principles, entrepreneurialism, and other soft skills.


    1. Preparing new students who are physically and mentally fit, independent, with a positive attitude, and achievers.
    2. Providing a platform for the development of student competency, character, independence, and responsibility.
    3. Helping to increase students’ creativity according to their respective interests and talents.
    4. Assisting students in developing democratic attitudes and high-quality student leadership.
    5. Supporting the development of student’s character and morality through socialization, kinship, and the environment of daily life in the dormitory
    6. Supporting the development of student’s personalities and morality through socialization, kinship, and the environment of daily life in the dormitory
    7. Becoming an intelligent and professional academic person in their respective fields.
    8. Becoming a competent and professional academic person in their respective fields. Who serves as the ideal role model for their respective environments.
    9. Having a moderate attitude, balanced in terms of intellectual and spirituality, IMTAQ, and science and technology.
    10. Having organizational and leadership skills
    11. Having special abilities such as language, art, and sports
    • Rental price (USK Rector Regulation No. 22 of 2020)
    • Contact Person 085277600824 (Rita) / 085270399299 (Eghy)

    For more information, visit this link http://asrama.unsyiah.ac.id/