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Unsyiah Business Development Agency Starts Unsyiah Mart Development

Darussalam, Bisnis.unsyiah.ac.id – The Business Development Agency of Syiah Kuala University in collaboration with PT Hadrah Aceh Pratama started the construction of a mini market at Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah Mart) in the Jami’ Unsyiah Mosque, Kopelma, Darussalam, Monday, 19 August 2019 The construction was marked by the installation of a project guardrail witnessed by the Head of BKM Jami’ Unsyiah Campus, Prof. Dr. Mustanir, M.Sc., the Unsyiah Business Development Agency team, and representatives of PT Hadrah Aceh Pratama.

Unsyiah Mart was deliberately built as one of the business units of the Unsyiah Business Development Agency that can make it easier for lecturers, employees, employees, students, and the community in the Unsyiah campus to buy daily necessities. In addition, UnsyiahMart can become a central platform for selling student products, MSME products and Aceh’s local industry, community service program products from institutions at Unsyiah and become Unsyiah’s souvenir gallery.

“The development of a new business unit (Unsyiah Mart) aims to optimize the management of university funding sources to improve services to the community. In addition, the products produced by students from the Entrepreneurial Student Program (PMW) and Student Creativity Program (PKM) and institutions at Unsyiah such as the Atsiri Research Center are quite diverse, ranging from patchouli processed products in the form of perfume, room deodorizer, and lotion. Products of business units under the auspices of the Business Development Agency such as Unsyiah Coffee, UnsyiahQua, souvenirs from Unsyiah Convection, as well as products from local MSMEs, the development of UnsyiahMart is very appropriate to accommodate, market, as well as distribute them along with other daily necessities products, “said drh. Mulyadi Adam, M.Sc. as Chairman of the Unsyiah Business Development Agency.

In its development and management, the Unsyiah Business Development Agency cooperates with PT Hadrah Aceh pratama, a private company owned by alumni of the Unsyiah Faculty of Economics and Business which is engaged in property development, hospitality, wedding & event organizers, mini markets, coffee shops, and others. The Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation Agreement were signed by both parties in May 2019. Director of PT Hadrah Aceh Pratama, Said Muhammad Iqbal, SE. When asked about the construction of Unsyiah Mart, he said, “As an alumni of Unsyiah, I am very proud to be able to work with the campus that has educated me. I hope that Unsyiah Mart will be able to help market Unsyiah student products along with other local and national products so that it can increase student entrepreneurial interest since college.”


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