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The signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Business Development Agency of Syiah Kuala University and CV. Samichsan Mulia regarding Co-branding Cooperation in Bottled Drinking Water


Thursday (23/01), at the CV. Samichsan Mulia, the producer of Spring Mountain and UnsyiahQua bottled water, which is located in Jantho City, has signed a cooperation agreement between the Unsyiah Business Development Agency and CV. Your Excellency Samichsan. The event which was attended by the leadership of CV. Samichsan Mulia and representatives from the Unsyiah Business Development Agency started at 11.00 WIB.

The agenda for the signing of this cooperation agreement is as follows:

  1. Message from H. Jailani Ahmad, MM. as the leader of CV. Venerable Samichsan;
  2. Speech from the Unsyiah Business Development Agency delivered by drh. Mulyadi Adam, M.Sc. as chairman;
  3. Signing of the cooperation agreement;
  4. Reviewing the Production process in the factory;
  5. Having lunch together.

This cooperation agreement is about co-branding UnsyiahQua bottled water, especially in the 19 liter gallon product line. It is hoped that the cooperation between the two parties will run well so that UnsyiahQua brand drinking water can be produced and distributed in the Unsyiah environment. In addition, it is expected that CV. Samichsan Mulia continues to carry out quality control on its products.


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